Kayla Harrison details trade with Jorge Masvidal: judo advice for hair products

Kayla Harrison, PFL 1, Jorge Masvidal
Image: PFL

Kayla Harrison and Jorge Masvidal came to an agreement prior to “Gamebred’s” UFC 239 knockout of Ben Askren. It was a deal that seemed to work out swimmingly for both fighters.

Harrison improved to 5-0 with her first-round submission win over Morgan Frier at PFL 2019: 4. With the victory, which only took 1:25 to secure, Harrison earned her spot in the PFL playoffs and sets up an October matchup with Genah Fabian at PFL 2019: 7.

Following the event, “Judo” Kayla spoke with the media to discuss getting back to her finishing ways following her first career decision win at PFL 2019: 1. Harrison was also asked about her teammate Masvidal’s emphatic win at UFC 239, detailing the arrangement the two high-level fighters made prior to Saturday night.

“Oh my god! He is insane,” Kayla Harrison told reporters of Jorge Masvidal at the PFL 2019: 4 post-fight press conference (via The Blogboard Jungle). “He’s literally nuts. Masvidal and I… so he has really nice hair. In Florida, my hair gets really frizzy. I have naturally curly hair, but it gets really frizzy. So, he was like, ‘Askren does a lot of clinching so maybe you can show me some judo throws.’ I was like, ‘I’ll show you some judo throws if you give me some hair products.'”

The agreement made was for a discount on hair products provided by Masvidal in exchange for judo technique advice. However, following Masvidal’s record breaking performance in the headline event of International Fight Week, Harrison felt it was time to rearrange the terms of the original agreement.

“He was FaceTiming with Mike (Brown) the other day and I was like, ‘Listen, I know you said you were going to give me a discount, but now I want it for free because I know you’re rolling in the dough after that knockout.'”

There are a lot of great fighters and big-time personalities that train at American Top Team. With Jorge Masvidal’s meteoric rise and highlight reel knockout, Harrison is certainly happy that Masvidal is on her side.

“I mean, who does that?”, Harrison said of Masvidal’s performance at UFC 239. “He’s crazy! I love it!”

Will there be anyone who can defeat Kayla Harrison on her path to a PFL women’s lightweight title?

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