Justin Gaethje says Colby Covington sucks to watch but admits he’s a great fighter: “He’d probably beat me”

Justin Gaethje, Colby Covington, UFC

Justin Gaethje believes it sucks to watch Colby Covington but does admit he’s a great fighter.

It will be Justin Gaethje vs. Charles Oliveira at UFC 274 in the main card lightweight title belt tomorrow night, Saturday, May 7th at the Footprint Centre in Phoenix, Arizona.

Gaethje (23-3 MMA) is coming off a victory over Michael Chandler back in November of 2021 at UFC 268.

Oliveira (32-8 MMA), the current champion, has a record of 10 wins in a row, and is looking to retain the belt and make it 11 on Saturday night.

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Justin Gaethje spoke on a ‘Full Send Podcast’ interview leading up to his UFC 274 title fight, saying this about Colby Covington:

“I would love to punch a hole in that motherf**kers face. So you have respect for how fake one can be? I don’t like him. He talked about Kamaru’s family a lot, he was around me one day, we went to a Trump rally and he was respectful, like you say. And right when we left he got on the internet and started talking s***. So I don’t respect that. If you’ve got something to say, say it to my face. And it’s just fake, he’s trying to bring attention to himself. And I get it, like, I make money with my fighting, he makes money with his mouth. If he wanted to make money off his fighting he’d be a broke motherf*****.”

Continuing, when asked if he respected Colby’s fighting ability, Gaethje said:

“I think he’s a great fighter. But he sucks to watch. But yeah, if I fought him in the cage he’d probably beat me, because of his size and his ability to move forward and to grapple. But in a street fight, there’s no f****** chance. Because in a street fight I’d grab a brick and hit him in the f****** head. Yeah, can’t do that in this sport. There’s rules here. You got rules in this sport and in the street there are no rules. I think the only rule is don’t hit somebody from the back, so I’m definitely on his side when it comes to what happened with Masvidal. I think that was a b**** move. But I like Masvidal more.”

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(Quotes via Sportskeeda)

Do you agree with Justin Gaethje’s comments on Colby Covington? Will you be watching Oliveira vs Gaethje tomorrow night? Who will you be betting on for the win?

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