Jorge Masvidal explains what happens when he sends his opponents to the shadow realm

Jorge Masvidal, Ben Askren, Conor McGregor, Chael Sonnen
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UFC welterweight star Jorge Masvidal knows a thing or two about sending his opponents to the shadow realm, and he explained what happens when they go there.

Masvidal was a guest on “Pardon My Take” and was asked what the difference is between beating someone up and ‘baptizing’ them. Here’s what “Gamebred” had to say.

“I’ll give you some examples. There are different baptisms. Let me straighten this out. Jesus, the real Jesus baptizes you, you go to heaven, my brother. And street Jesus baptizes you, you’re going to the shadow realm, my brother. But, you can come back a better person from the shadow realm,” Masvidal said.

“People have seen, people are coming back better people after I send them to the shadow realm. So you go to the shadow realm, and if you do come back, you usually come back a better person. Not everybody, but most come back a better person. Look at Ben (Askren). Ben came back a better person. (Darren) Till came back a better person, he’s ranked at 85 now.”

Masvidal has had an epic 2019 where he became a legitimate superstar with his stoppage wins over Ben Askren, Darren Till, and Nate Diaz. But not only has he shown off his incredible skills inside the cage, but his gift for gab outside it has also helped him become a mainstream star. This latest interview where he talks about baptisms and sending his opponents to the shadow realm further exemplifies his ability to talk trash on a sophisticated level.

To that end, Masvidal was asked if he’s making a mistake when he sends his opponents to the shadow realm and if he regrets when they become a better fighter and a better person. Masvidal said it’s actually the opposite, and that he takes pride when that’s the case, but if something bad happens he will go into the lab and tweak the process.

“If I mess up, I just refigure the formula and send them back to the shadow realm. No biggie. I helped them twice,” Masvidal said.

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