Jon Jones reveals his ultimate goal with UFC heavyweight run: “I’ve always had this thing where I wanted to win 20 championships”

Jon Jones
Image via @jonnybones on Instagram

Jon Jones revealed his end goal with his UFC heavyweight run, saying “I’ve always had this thing where I wanted to win 20 championships.”

Jones is the former UFC light heavyweight champion and universally regarded as one of the greatest mixed martial artists of all time. He has competed solely at 205lbs for his entire MMA career, but Jones is expected to move up to heavyweight for his next fight in order to challenge UFC heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou. However, Jones has been involved in a public pay dispute with UFC president Dana White over how much money he will make to fight Ngannou, and at this point, the fight hasn’t been booked yet. Instead, White has confirmed that Ngannou will fight Derrick Lewis in a rematch at UFC 265 this summer.

Taking to his social media this weekend, Jones was asked by a fan how many times he wants to defend the heavyweight title once he takes it from Ngannou. For Jones, he hopes that his journey into the UFC heavyweight division is a young and prosperous one, and he is hoping to defend his belt many times. Check out what “Bones” wrote on his Twitter.

Only God knows what this heavyweight journey is going to look like. I’ve always had this thing where I wanted to win 20 championships. I’m taking zero damage and getting better every day, future Bones business will be nuts

It will be interesting to see if the UFC and Jones can come to an agreement on a new contract. Thus far, it appears as though there is a big gap between what the UFC is willing to pay him and what Jones is willing to accept. But at the same time, Jones moving up to heavyweight would be big business and the UFC is all about booking these big fights.

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