Joe Rogan is “a big fan” of Jorge Masvidal: “He’s a monster”

By Tom Taylor - November 6, 2020

UFC commentator Joe Rogan is a big fan of Jorge Masvidal, who currently holds the No. 4 spot in the promotion’s welterweight rankings.

Kamaru Usman, Jorge Masvidal, Joe Rogan

Rogan got to talking about Masvidal on the latest episode of the JRE MMA Show with his his guest, MMA analyst Luke Thomas.

“The Ben Askren fight, that was it,” Rogan said, looking back on the moment Masvidal evolved from unheralded veteran to legitimate superstar. “That was the cherry on top, and then of course the merking of Nate Diaz. He beat the f**k out of Nate Diaz. That was a crazy fight.”

“[He knocked out Darren Till] with a beautiful step-forward, left hook combination,” Rogan added. “He’s a monster. He’s a monster. He’s hard for anybody to deal with. The fact that he stopped Darren Till when Darren Till was this terrifying striker who had just beat down Donald Cerrone. Darren Till was a scary guy. To see [Masvidal] put him away that way—obviously it was after Tyron [Woodley] had beaten [Till]—it was still stunning. A stunning KO.”

Rogan also appreciates Masvidal’s personality outside the cage.

“He’s just a fun guy,” Rogan said. “Everything is fun about him.”

“He’s a fun dude to watch fight, he’s a fun guy to listen to talk,” he added. “I’m a big fan of him. I’m a big fan of him skillfully. I think he’s a really exceptional fighter. He’s really clever.”

Jorge Masvidal has not fought since July, when he challenged Kamaru Usman for the UFC welterweight title. While Masvidal lost that title fight by unanimous decision, he took the opportunity on just a week’s notice, stepping in to replace Usman’s originally slated opponent, Gilbert Burns.

Rogan admitted that he would have liked to have seen what Masvidal could have done against Usman if he’d had a full training camp with which to prepare for the champion.

“I would have really liked to seen Jorge Masvidal and Kamaru Usman if Jorge had a camp. Cause he did not have a camp for that fight, and still presented some real problems for Kamaru.”

What do you think of these comments from Joe Rogan? What are your thoughts on Jorge Masvidal?

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