Jamahal Hill sounds off on the fight fans trolling Johnny Walker: “That sh*t ain’t cool. Think about if that was you”

By Susan Cox - February 23, 2022

Jamahal Hill has taken to Twitter admonishing fight fans who are trolling Johnny Walker.

Johnny Walker, Jamahal Hill, UFC Vegas 48

It was Jamahal Hill vs Johnny Walker at UFC Vegas 48 Fight Night this past weekend, Saturday, February 19th. Hill (10-1 MMA) defeated Walker (18-7 MMA) via knockout in the first round. It was a devastating loss for Walker and the repercussions of ‘fans’ airing their criticisms and insults on social media have made the loss even worse.

Jamahal Hill, Johnny Walker, UFC Vegas 48

Jamahal Hill KO’s Johnny Walker at UFC Vegas 48

Johnnys’ own fiancée, Tara C. Campbell, took to Instagram in a lengthy post to both defend her partner and to shame those trolls who are being so offensive on social media concerning the fighters most recent defeat.

Jamahal Hill agrees that the trolls and haters need to stop, posting a two+ minute video ( a portion of it transcribed below) to Twitter saying:

“I do what I do for the entertainment of the fans and the love of the sport Bro. And whenever I’m successful and I get a knockout and I have these moments that you all like.  But don’t use that time to dog somebody Bro. I’ve lost so I’ve received the ridicule and things that come with that.

I understand that people are ignorant.

That sh*t ain’t cool, that sh*t ain’t cool Bro. Think about if that was you, your kid, your brother, your mother, your father.”

Jamahal Hill continued:

“At some time we gotta draw the line Bro. Where’s the line at Bro? Where do we still be able to come out and look each other in the face? And still he got knocked out, it happens. People have been knocked out many times before.

And most of you motherf**kers never put yourself on the line, you run like a little b*tch! You are all cowards.”

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