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Jake Paul says he hasn’t been drug tested for Tyron Woodley fight, fires back at critics saying he’s using PEDs

Jake Paul says he isn’t taking performance enhancement drugs as Firas Zahabi accused him of, but he revealed he hasn’t been drug tested.

Paul will return to the ring on Sunday night when he faces Tyron Woodley in an intriguing matchup on Showtime PPV and Fite TV. However, in the lead-up to the bout, many have claimed Paul is using steroids which he says is absolutely not true.

“My manager sent me that the morning it came out like, ‘Hey, by the way, Georges St-Pierre’s coach said you’re on PEDs,’” Paul told MMA Junkie. “So I swiped up my phone – this is a true story on my mom’s life, she’s looking me in my eyes (right now) – I swipe up my phone, click Safari and type in, ‘What’s PEDs?’ Then I see it says performance-enhancing drugs. I texted my manager back, ‘Good thing I had to Google what PEDs are.’ But I look at it as a compliment. People are trying to do anything they can to discredit me and take away from this journey. They’re already making excuses for him when he loses.

“This is a real fight. This isn’t the exhibition sh*t that my brother (Logan Paul) and Floyd (Mayweather) did. This isn’t exhibition sh*t. I do real pro fights with a commission who is drug testing me. These claims are stupid and of course (Zahabi is) doing it to get clout,” Paul continued. “Look at it, four weeks later it’s still getting brought up in interviews. His name gets mentioned. He gets some clout and he’s a happy little wanker jerking off to these videos somewhere all excited about the clout he’s getting.”

Although Jake Paul says the commission will drug test, he said he hasn’t been tested yet. He believes he will be tested on fight night but isn’t worried about failing as he is willing to be tested whenever.

“Not yet. I think that happens the day of the fight or the day before the fight. But test me whenever,” Paul said.

Paul is 3-0 as a pro boxer and has looked good. He’s coming off a first-round KO over Ben Askren and if he can beat Woodley, it would help solidify himself as a legit boxer. However, many want him to fight a real boxer, and perhaps that happens next.

What do you make of Jake Paul saying he hasn’t been drug tested?

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