Jake Paul offers Dustin Poirier 100k Conor McGregor chain as reward for TKO win at UFC 264

Jake Paul, Conor McGregor
Jake Paul trolls Conor McGregor

YouTuber-turned-boxer Jake Paul offered Dustin Poirier his 100k Conor McGregor chain as a reward for his TKO win over his rival at UFC 264.

Paul was a guest at UFC 264 and before the fight, he trolled McGregor with a $100,000 “sleepy” necklace that he had custom made for himself, with the figurine hanging from it mimicking what McGregor looked like when he Poirier slept him at UFC 257. After Poirier defeated McGregor via first-round TKO when the doctor stopped the fight due to an ankle break, Paul took to his social media to offer Poirier the necklace as a reward for his finish.

aye @DustinPoirier want me to ship this to you? $100k gift from me I think you deserve it lmk

Paul has been antagonizing McGregor over the last few months as he’s been trying to coax him into taking a fight against him in either MMA or boxing. So far, McGregor hasn’t seemed interested in taking the Paul fight, but after losing back-to-back bouts against Poirier, it’s certainly possible that the Irishman could be more interested in fighting Paul now that he is coming off of two straight losses and his stock is lower than before. It’s possible that McGregor could consider a move back to boxing if Dana White allowed it.

Having said that, McGregor seemed like he still believes he can make a run for the top of the UFC lightweight division despite the losses to Poirier, so at this point, it seems unlikely that Paul would get the chance to fight him. Either way, Paul believes that Poirier deserves to get the special chain he bought because of his handiwork in the rematch. It was another incredible performance by Poirier, whose stock has never been higher than now.

Do you think Jake Paul will be able to coax Conor McGregor into a fight against him one day?

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