Jake Paul claims Kamaru Usman is past his prime and would be ‘light work’ if they were to box

By Cole Shelton - November 9, 2021

Jake Paul believes he would beat Kamaru Usman in a boxing match with ease.

Jake Paul

Ever since Paul knocked out Ben Askren he has called out several UFC fighters and that only increased after he beat Tyron Woodley. One name he has mentioned was Kamaru Usman as he wanted to fight a current UFC champ. Usman, responded to Paul saying he would beat him up but now after UFC 268, Paul believes the fight would be easy as he didn’t think highly of his performance.

“I mean, he could barely beat up a 170-pounder. Took a lot of shots, man. He’s getting old, right? He’s 35 and I think that’s starting to show. I think he is out of his prime already. He’s light work,” Paul said to TMZ Sports. “You know, I respect Canelo and his boxing ability but as far as Kamaru Usman getting into the boxing ring, like I said, it’s light work. Look what I did to Tyron [Woodley], the five-time UFC champion. Kamaru is I don’t even know how many time UFC champion, I know Kamaru beat Woodley, but in boxing, completely different. I make light work of him like I said.”

Although Jake Paul believes he beats Kamaru Usman with ease in boxing, it’s unlikely it will ever happen. Usman is the current welterweight champion and a big star for the promotion so the UFC and Dana White wouldn’t want to let him out of his contract, they have also made it clear they don’t want to work with Paul.

Even though Paul vs. Usman will never happen, it is smart for him to continue to talk about it as it gets people talking. It will also hype up his December 18 showdown against Tommy Fury which will be a massive fight.

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