Jake Paul thanks ‘control freak’ Dana White for promoting his fights: ‘You literally tee up every single fight for me perfectly’

By Cole Shelton - November 8, 2021

Jake Paul knows his feud with UFC president, Dana White has only helped him.

Jake Paul

Ever since Paul has turned pro and started to call out and fight UFC fighters, White has trash-talked him. He thought Ben Askren would beat him but after Paul beat him and Tyron Woodley, the UFC boss still criticized him for not fighting real boxers.

Now, ahead of Jake Paul’s fight against Tommy Fury, White had offered Fury the chance to train at the UFC PI. For Paul, he is happy with that as he knows White is only helping promote him and the fight.

“Dana, thank you again for promoting my fights,” Paul said at a press conference (via MMAFighting). “You literally tee up every single fight for me perfectly. You place bets against me, I prove you wrong. You try to bring coaches for my opponents so they can beat me. You’re letting Tommy Fury train at the UFC Performance Institute.

“Give it up, guy. Give it up. ‘Fight a real boxer. When’s he going to fight a guy his own age.’ Whatever Dana White is constantly f*cking saying, I’m doing it, and he’s mad that I’m doing it because he’s a control freak, and when he doesn’t have his fingers dipped into someone’s business, he doesn’t want to see them succeed, and he tries to bring them down. But he’s not smart enough to realize that every single time he talks about me, it just makes my sh*t grow up,” Paul continued.

Jake Paul certainly has a point as the more Dana White talks about it, the more people know about Paul and the more pay-per-view buys he does. However, it is a two-way street as Paul attending UFC events and trash-talking White helps put more eyes on the UFC.

What do you make of Jake Paul saying Dana White promotes his fights?


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