Jake Paul calls out Jorge Masvidal after his recent comments: “Get in the ring with me”

Jake Paul
Image Credit: Jake Paul's Instagram

Jake Paul wants to box Jorge Masvidal.

Ahead of Paul’s last fight against Ben Askren, he was training and hanging out with Masvidal. They appeared to be friends and at his press conference with Askren, “Gamebred” even called in.

However, as Paul gets ready to fight Tyron Woodley on Sunday, Masvidal has made it clear he is backing the former UFC champ to get his hand raised. For the brash YouTuber turned boxer, he took exception to it.

“He’s going to eat those words very quickly,” Paul told MMAMania.com about Masvidal. “This is coming from a guy who just got knocked out cold in an embarrassing way… So yeah, maybe he doesn’t know that much about fighting. He’s been in this game for a long time. he’s got a lot of fights. he’s got a lot of experience. I respect him. I think Jorge has done a lot for this sport. I think he’s a good guy, but, unfortunately, my friend it’s a new era. No matter how much experience you have, it’s about the quality of the experience.”

Masvidal then responded on social media blasting Jake Paul and to no surprise, the 24-year-old issued another response calling out Masvidal to get Dana White to allow him to box.

“You played yourself. It’s super necessary you get your boss Dana to give you permission to get in the ring with me since you supposed to be nice with your “hands,” Paul wrote.

Although Jake Paul is calling out Jorge Masvidal to box him, he has a tough fight in front of him. He is facing Tyron Woodley who has KO power and will be the toughest test of his career. If he does win on Sunday, then perhaps a Gamebred fight does make some sense if White allows Masvidal out of his contract for a one-off fight. Yet, that seems unlikely so if they end up boxing it won’t be until later on when Masvidal has fought out his contract.

Who do you think would win, Jake Paul or Jorge Masvidal?

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