Israel Adesanya trashes “Catholic school girl” Jon Jones

Israel Adesanya, Robert Whittaker
Image via @stylebender on Instagram (photographer not listed)

It’s no secret that UFC middleweight champ Israel Adesanya is not a fan of the promotion’s light heavyweight champ, Jon Jones.

During a recent appearance on The Luke Thomas Show, Adesanya once again let loose on his light heavyweight rival. This time around, Adesanya accused Jones of being fake: acting one way on camera, and another when the cameras aren’t rolling.

While Adesanya believes Jones puts up a front for the camera, he also believes fans are starting to see through the facade.

“The illusion got broken a little bit,” Adesanya said of the persona Jones puts forth when he’s in the spotlight. “We’re peeping through the cracks a little bit—through the viewers eyes. Eventually people started seeing it crumble like ‘this motherf**ker’s fake.’ They could smell it for years. This guy is fake.”

“He’s one way on TV, but another way in real life,” Adesanya added.

Jones, who is a devout Christian, has had numerous run-ins with the law over the years. Based on those facts, Adesanya compared him to a “Catholic school girl” with a wild side.

“Obviously it’s fabricated, the s**t he has on TV, being a priest’s son and all that stuff,” Adesanya said. “It’s like, you know how the Catholic school girls are the freakiest, the ones that like to [growls] get crazy because they’ve been suppressed? That’s Jones. Jones is a Catholic school girl because he’s probably been suppressed his whole life. He got a little bit of change, a little bit of notoriety, a little bit of status at a young, dumb age, then he’s just like going all crazy, sucking every d**k in town.”

Given the way Jon Jones has been firing back at his haters on social media lately, it would not be surprising to see him issue a response to this comment from Israel Adesanya. Stay tuned for that.

This article first appeared on on 4/22/2020.

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