Israel Adesanya sounds off on Alex Pereira for recent troll job: “Who the f**k do you think you are?”

By Harry Kettle - March 29, 2023

UFC star Israel Adesanya has hit back at Alex Pereira following a recent video the champion released in which he mocks him.

Israel Adesanya

At UFC 281 last November, Alex Pereira knocked out Israel Adesanya to become the new UFC middleweight champion. Unsurprisingly, the promotion opted to run it back with an immediate rematch.

The two will square off for the fourth time in combat sports at UFC 287 next month. At this point in their rivalry, across both kickboxing and MMA, ‘Poatan’ holds a 3-0 lead over his rival.

Recently, Adesanya released a video of himself reacting to UFC 286. In response, Pereira reacted to the reaction and was seen to be less than impressed by Israel’s toy collection.

During a recent interview, Adesanya made it known that he didn’t appreciate the subtle dig from the Brazilian.

“That was weird, bro,” Adesanya said about the reaction video to his reaction video. “You know what’s weird, though? For me, it’s like, I don’t really care. But, one reaction he gave, it panned to like some stuffed animals where he goes, ‘Ah’, and for me I’m like, ‘Who the f—k do you think you are?’

“Like I don’t look at him and go, ‘Why you wearing that f— king face paint and crying on the ground like you’re a tiger?’” Adesanya continued. “I don’t care, that’s what you want to do, that’s what you do. If that gives you power, that gives you power. But, the fact that he looks at me and the way I live my life? I wasn’t even doing nothing about him. I’m living my life and it upsets him.

Adesanya unleashes on Pereira

“That’s very telling, that speaks a lot about him than it does about me,” he said. “That was him showing his hand already, and I like that. I like that. This is some The Last Dance s—. I like holding onto things like that. This I like. I’ll note that. He’ll find out later on.”

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