Israel Adesanya questions if USADA is testing Paulo Costa ahead of UFC 253: “Where is your t-shirt?”

By Cole Shelton - August 24, 2020

Israel Adesanya isn’t sure if USADA is testing Paulo Costa ahead of their title fight at UFC 253.

Israel Adesanya

Adesanya and Costa have already done a ton of media to hype up this fight. It is a massive scrap and before the pair went on SportsCenter, the champion asked the Brazilian when is the last time he was tested. According to “The Last Stylebender” Costa did not have an answer.

“Last time he got tested. He could’t give me a straight answer, let’s put it that way,” Israel Adesanya said on Submission Radio. “I was tested twice in the last three weeks, at night because they are trying to catch me off guard. It’s the first two times, it is the first time they have ever tested me at night. Where is your t-shirt? I’ve been tested over 30 times, so where is your t-shirt?

“I know what it is like, I’m from Lagos, Nigeria, so I know what it is like in certain countries where money talks. Where, if you flash your gun, people act a certain way, I know what it is like. You have heard stories with Brazil about people going to gyms to test people and they are not complying because of certain things. I know what that is like, but, I don’t mind. I just like to bring that up because I want it to be known, I said on record, I will pop him before USADA pops him. So, I’m going to beat him and when he gets popped by USADA down the line, it will be like yup, I still whooped his ass even when he was on steroids. That will make a great story.”

The t-shirt Israel Adesanya is talking about is the one USADA gives athletes after 25 consecutive clean tests. The middleweight champ has gotten one, but he doesn’t believe Paulo Costa has as USADA isn’t testing him.

Regardless, Adesanya makes it clear he will fight Costa anyway. He is confident he will be able to be the first to beat the Brazilian.

What do you make of Israel Adesanya wondering if USADA is testing Paulo Costa?


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