“I’m going to TikTok dance on your grave” Israel Adesanya and Sean Strickland in fiery exchange at UFC 276 presser

Israel Adesanya, Sean Strickland, UFC

Israel Adesanya and Sean Strickland are two of the most outspoken characters in the UFC. They could be on a collision course now after firing off a slew of insults at one another during the UFC 276 pre-fight press conference.

Strickland is currently ranked at #4 in the middleweight division and is facing Adesanya’s former kickboxing rival Alex Pereira. ‘Stylebender’ will defend his middleweight belt in the main event against #2-ranked Jared Cannonier with Alexander Volkanovski defending his featherweight strap in in a trilogy with Max Holloway in the co-main.

Israel Adesanya
Image Credit: UFC

The fireworks between the champ and Strickland began when the American was asked who he thought was ‘the best striker on stage.’ To which he replied,

“I would say me [I’m the best] but that man [Pereira] was the one who slept that man [Adesanya]. So next to me, probably Alex. What was it 2-0 against Izzy? Izzy, what was it? 2-0?”

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Adesanya’s rivalry with Pereira began in 2016 when the Brazilian snapped the Nigerian-Kiwi’s 12-fight winning streak in kickboxing by winning a unanimous decision. The pair met again the following year with ‘Poatan’ getting the ‘W’ again, this time by way of third round knockout.

Adesanya clearly did not take kindly to Strickland referencing those two losses and said,

“Did you watch the whole fight? Exactly, do your f*****g job next time. What happened before we walked on stage? I smacked you on the ass like my b***h.”

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Strickland has suggested that he feared the ‘wrath of the ESPN bosses’ in the lead-up to fight week as he tends to say controversial things. He certainly lived up to that reputation here, and his next barb came peppered with homophobic undertones.
“Oh man, I made the champion mad with his f*****g frosted tips and his gay little watch, oh no!” Strickland said. “I’m just joking. Izzy is a savage. Bro, your Pornhub is just filled with cartoons. No man who beats off to cartoons is going to beat me. Calm down,” goaded the Californian.

Once more, Adesanya was riled by ‘Tarzan,’ and the City Kickboxing favorite clapped back by saying,

“Bro, trust me, if you win this fight, when we fight, I knock you out, I’m going to do a TikTok dance over your grave. You better focus on your guy. He’s going to f**k you up, too.”

Adesanya is undefeated at middleweight and is looking to successfully defend his crown for a fifth time. Strickland has edged his way into title contention on the back of six straight victories and will likely be granted a title shot if he gets another win this weekend.

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The 31 year-old took another not-so-subtle shot at the champ’s sexuality as he fired a warning about what to expect from him in the coming months.

“After we have a war and I beat Alex, you’re going to see I’m a whole different guy,’ said the Syndicate MMA athlete.

“I’m going to start painting my nails, acting like a female. I’ll be wearing sunglasses inside. I’m going to get me suits. I’m going to get me a nice car. I’m going to trade in my 2018 Nissan Frontier, get me a Porsche. Just f*****g wait. I’m going to leave all you guys behind. I’m going to be the best champion you’ve ever seen,” he added.

What did you make of the UFC 276 presser, and how much do you want to see a fight between Strickland and Adesanya?

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