How to watch UFC

By BJ Penn Staff - July 29, 2019

The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) broadcasts events on multiple platforms in the United States, which can make it a little difficult to keep track of how to watch UFC cards.

UFC Octagon,

UFC events now occur multiple times a month. This includes smaller-scale fight nights on ESPN+, mid-sized cards on ESPN, and of course, UFC pay-per-views, which are generally the biggest events on the promotion’s calendar.

Here’s how to watch each of these events.

How to watch UFC Fight Nights on ESPN+

The most commonly occurring events on the UFC’s jam-packed schedule occur on ESPN’s official streaming service ESPN+. You can get access to ESPN+ by purchasing a monthly membership here — the same way you would subscribe to a service like Netflix. These events are generally headlined by fights between ranked contenders, and also feature bouts involving rising prospects and older veterans. They do not generally feature title fights.

How to watch UFC on ESPN

In 2019, the UFC moved from FOX to ESPN, and now broadcasts multiple events on the network dubbed “The Worldwide Leader in Sports.” These events often include number-one contender fights, and occasionally, title fights. In order to watch them, you will need to subscribe to ESPN with your cable or satellite provider.

How to watch UFC Pay-Per-Views

UFC Pay-Per-Views — numbered events such as UFC 200 or UFC 229, for example — are generally the most stacked events the promotion offers. In the United States, UFC Pay-Per-views are now available exclusively through ESPN+, which means an ESPN+ membership is required to purchase them. Learn how to get access ESPN+ above.

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