Henry Cejudo coaching staff frustrated UFC told them to keep training during coronavirus pandemic

Henry Cejudo, Eric Albarracin

Eric Albarracin, the coach for UFC bantamweight champion Henry Cejudo, expressed his frustration that Cejudo kept training during the coronavirus pandemic.

Cejudo was set to take on Jose Aldo in the main event of UFC 250, which was set for May 9 in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The event had to be relocated to Tachi Palace due to the coronavirus pandemic and Cejudo was set to fight Dominick Cruz on short notice, but on Thursday the UFC announced it was postponing all upcoming events including UFC 250. That leaves Cejudo without a fight, and his coach Albarracin is frustrated.

While it seemed obvious the whole time that the UFC events would be canceled just like all other major sporting events have been, UFC president Dana White was adamant all along that the show would go on, and that meant that all the fighters were still training, many of them with minimal training partners. Albarracin is frustrated no one said anything to the fighters including Cejudo sooner, which meant all their training has gone to waste.

On Thursday, Albarracin took to Twitter to express frustration for Cejudo’s wasted training camp.


Where the F were the Disney & Espn Heads when the @UFC was telling us all to keep training as usual because the fights are a go for the last 6 weeks

It’s completely understandable that Albarracin would be frustrated for Cejudo. After all, training camps are brutal and exhausting, not to mention expensive. Cejudo, just like all the other fighters who saw their fights get scrapped, spent a lot of time and money on his camp all to see it go to waste. While White said all along the UFC show would go on, perhaps ESPN and Disney should have stepped in sooner considering every other major professional sports league saw their seasons postponed weeks ago.

Do you sympathize with the frustrations of Eric Albarracin about Henry Cejudo training?

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