Henry Cejudo claims he told Marlon Vera how to beat Sean O’Malley

Henry Cejudo, Weili Zhang

Henry Cejudo says he talked to Marlon Vera about how to beat Sean O’Malley ahead of their fight at UFC 252.

In the lead up to the fight, many thought O’Malley would remain undefeated and get his hand raised. Yet, it was Vera who got the job done by first-round TKO, and according to Cejudo, he told “Chito” to go after the leg.

“Right before he fought Sean O’Malley, I sent him a message, we aren’t even friends, but we have a lot of friends in common. I’m like listen man, the way to beat this dude is to make him fight his b-side,” Henry Cejudo said to Mike Swick. “Put him in the clinch, put him against the cage. And because of his stance because he is heavy with his left leg forward. I said smoke the hands and take out the f*****g kicks. Smoke the hands and just fasten that calf kick, because it’s been taking everybody out. It happened to me with Demetrious which is why I went from the karate stance to a little more neutral because people were catching on to it a little too much. We chatted.”

Since the loss, Sean O’Malley has made it clear he is still undefeated. Although that is obviously not the case, Cejudo isn’t a fan of him. “Triple C” also doesn’t think O’Malley is built to last and doesn’t have the heart to win dog fights.

“I wish the kid the best. But, I also think that he thinks he is better than what he really is. Even though he has the gifts, he has great distance, has a great demeanor, and great fakes,” Cejudo said. “I look at all these minor little details. He hasn’t been built to last, he hasn’t been through a war. You can give the pain but can you take it? That is the difference somebody like Sean O’Malley and me. Does he have better striking than me? Probably because of his length and his range it makes him dangerous but you just have to be the full package.”

What do you make of Henry Cejudo saying he told Marlon Vera how to beat Sean O’Malley?

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