Gilbert Burns offers UFC title shot advice to Charles Oliveira: Improve your English skills


UFC welterweight contender Gilbert Burns offered his best UFC title shot advice to Charles Oliveira, suggesting that he improves his English.

With the welterweight title on the line, Burns takes on Kamaru Usman in the main event of Saturday’s UFC 258 event. This is actually the third time this fight has been scheduled, so if anyone knows a thing-or-two about getting a UFC title shot, it’s Burns. Meanwhile, his fellow Brazilian Oliveira is having a hard time breaking through. Even though Oliveira is riding an eight-fight win streak, it seems like he’ll be passed over for the next UFC lightweight title match.

It’s been a frustrating time for Oliveira, who has seemingly done everything in his power to get a title shot as far as his in-cage exploits go. But Burns believes there’s a reason he will likely be the odd man out to Dustin Poirier and Conor McGregor in a vacant title fight. In Burns’ opinion, it all comes down to their marketability. While Burns praised Oliveira for coming out of his shell and talking more on social media lately, he still thinks “Do Bronx” can do more, especially when it comes to improving his English-speaking skills.

“Charles is doing a great job. He was missing from the internet, but started posting, started talking, being interviewed on ESPN. He’s fine, I just think he needs to give English a try so he can speak himself, not need someone. Only that is missing, but he has improved a lot, he is doing well, fighting well. That will make a difference, and he is already doing it, so much so that he has already denied fighting, he has personality. I’m cheering for him,” Burns told Brazilian reporters at the UFC 258 pre-fight press conference (via AG Fight).

Burns himself would know the difference that speaking English can make as far as your career with the UFC goes. Although MMA is a global sport, the UFC itself is a North American company. Once Burns started talking in English more, you saw the difference it made for him in his career. Then again, just because they are both Brazilian born doesn’t mean they are in the same situation. After all, Burns lives in Florida while Oliveira lives in Sao Paulo, so he’s not forced to use his English in everyday situations. Nevertheless, Burns likes what he’s doing and wants Oliveira to now go the extra mile.

Do you agree with Gilbert Burns and his title shot advice to Charles Oliveira about improving his English skills?

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