Gilbert Burns and Jake Shields get into heated exchange following the Brazilian’s callout of Nate Diaz

By Cole Shelton - July 21, 2021

Gilbert Burns and Jake Shields got into a heated argument on social media after the Brazilian called out Nate Diaz.

Gilbert Burns

Burns, who returned to the win column with a decision win over Stephen Thompson at UFC 264 is looking to find his next opponent. He called out several welterweights like Jorge Masvidal and Nate Diaz. Yet, Shields, who is a longtime teammate of Diaz didn’t think kindly of Burns’ callout.

“That’s what I thought @NateDiaz209 you don’t want no smoke! So don’t say my name anymore bitch ass fake gangster! So many losses you have already! And your teammates that I already beat knows what I would do to you! Keep playing smart and save,” Burns wrote on Twitter.

Shields was quick to respond to Burns’ callout as he said the Brazilian hadn’t beat any of his teammates.

“Not sure what teammate of Nate you beat because I remember beating you and a draw another time. I’ll give you another shot if you think you can beat me. But so far you are 0-1 against @NateDiaz209 teammates,” Shields wrote in a response to Burns.

Burns, to no surprise, was quick to respond to Shields and claimed he mauled him in their last grappling contest.

“I mauled you last time. The time you got the W was freaking quick scape, you proud of that? You can get it too + I beat your boy AJ 2x + Kron so f**k call @ChaelSonnen I smash you tomorrow,” Burns responded to Shields.

“Okay I’ll come out of retirement to beat you again because will be an easy match,” Shields said to Burns.

As of right now, there is no word on whether or not Shields and Burns end up having another grappling competition. But, perhaps after this back-and-forth on Twitter, Chael Sonnen will make the fight for an upcoming Submission Underground event.

What do you make of this back-and-forth between Gilbert Burns and Jake Shields?

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