Former coach unloads on Jon Jones and his current team ahead of UFC 247

Jon Jones, Tyron Woodley
Image via @ufc on Instagram

Jon Jones’ former coach, Frank Lester has written a scathing Instagram message directed at the fighter. He tagged Jones’ upcoming opponent, Dominick Reyes in the message.

Here’s what he said.

“Fakest group of people I’ve ever been around. They will invite you on the team after 8 years of faithful service. They will use you for the highest level of sparring and drilling, they will pray with you like you family, but in actuality none of these dudes give a flying fuck about the other personally, they just hanging on Jon’s nutsack bc they want to get paid. And when I got ripped off all these so called friends turned their backs on me & all the hard work I had given to Team Jone and Jacksons MMA as a whole over the last 8 years. Just bc jon is a super control freak who has to get his was and if you’re not ready to be his yes man and suck on his ego inflated dick… then you’re out! Well let’s see what KARMA has in store for this weekend for these fucking chumps! “Let em hate’ so long as they fear’ I’m not the one who needed to involve the police or call Greg Jacksons punk ass bc jon Jones was too scared to come fight me like a man for the money he owed me. Oh, yeah, Jon Jones is a master in the cage but a BITCH IN THE STREET. So he had Greg call his lil GF who works for APD and submit an unlawful red flag law memorandum on me bc jon Jones pussy ass thought I might shoot him, which I never said anything of the sort or hinted that was even a possibility. He’s just got a bitch ass cowards with no street heart to handle his own bullshit in real life when it comes to real men being about real business and he had to make sure the law would over step their boundaries bc his ego is so big & he knows Greg will break laws bc he needs that BONES paycheck bc after that divorce and his terrible business skills which killed the original gym, it prolly ain’t coming again for too much longer! #TANKLIFE#ImTheRealestINTheGame LETS GO CHAMP!!! @domreyes24”

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This isn’t the first time the striking coach has sent shots toward Jon Jones.

In September, he accused Jon Jones of owing him money. Rashad Evans, Donald Cerrone and Diego Sanchez have all had their own problems with the gym. They have accused the location of turning into a “puppy mill,” and valuing pay checks over loyalty to their long-serving fighters.

Diego Sanchez showed his support towards Frank Lester. He posted on the picture thread, “Welcome to Wink and Jon,” whilst tagging the gym’s key players. In his own post, he also said:

“REALTALK @cowboycerrone I publicly apologize for defending @jacksonwink_mma honestly it was only @chadinspiremma I was defending! @thefranklester I feel for you! You got fucked over so bad! The truth hurts! I’m posting this so in hopes other top teams like @americantopteam or others will help a man that got so screwed over by fake family! I opened the doors of mma for Greg and every other New Mexican making a living off of @ufc! Then they SHIT all over my legacy taking advantage of the thousands of dollars, time, energy and REAL love I poured into that gym and the young fighters who desperately needed a honest loving mentor who was willing to share experiential wisdom! THE TRUTH IS JW IS NOT JACKSON/WINK IT’S JONES/WINK.”

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What do you think of these comments from the former Jon Jones coach Frank Lester?

This article first appeared on on 2/6/2020.

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