Fighters Brendan Loughnane, Artem Lobov and Conor McGregor believe MMA contracts need to include new verbiage

Artem Lobov, Conor McGregor

MMA fighters Brendan Loughnane, Artem Lobov, and Conor McGregor believe that MMA contracts need to include new verbiage in them.

Contracts in this sport are generally very restrictive. First off, most fighters can only fight for the one promotion that has them under contract. Second off, most promotions can cut their fighters at any time. And third and most important, but fighter pay in MMA is just not what it needs to be when you compare the pay in MMA to boxing and other pro sports.

Taking to social media this weekend, a fan messaged Loughnane and said that he needs to get out of his contract with PFL. Since PFL hasn’t done any events since the coronavirus pandemic hit, Loughnane isn’t able to make a living aside from the monthly stipend PFL pays its fighters. After Loughnane tweeted that he agreed with the fan about getting out of his contract, Lobov and McGregor jumped in and shared their own takes on the situation.

Great to see all the shows back up and running now! Congrats to everyone getting fights and being allowed to work…….

Mate, you not think I’ve thought of this??

Contracts need to change. Now very one-sided, promotion can cut u anytime without additional cost. New contracts need to have:number of fights per year, if not given then fighter recieves compensation and if fighter is released before contract is up, also gets compesation

Current contracts are useless from a fighters perspective, all it does is prevents you from fighting elsewhere without giving you any additional benefits

I don’t sign, thats why I am saying it, in hope that the rest of the fighters follow

You are in a different position though Artem. Rewind time you’d have signed granny lobov away

It’s unfortunate that MMA contracts are so restrictive to the fighters. At the end of the day, the sport wouldn’t exist without the athletes. Not only are the majority of fighters in the sport underpaid, but they are generally not able to shop their services to other promotions due to no Ali Act being in place in the sport. It will take numerous fighters to speak up and try and change the contracts for future fighters. While it’s good to see fighters on the level of a Loughnane and Lobov speaking up, the truth is, nothing will change in the sport’s contracts unless a superstar fighter like McGregor joins in and helps lead the charge.

Do you agree with Brendan Loughnane, Artem Lobov, and Conor McGregor about their criticisms of MMA contracts?

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