Donald Trump says Joe Biden wouldn’t be a good UFC fighter: “One gentle little touch to the face and he’s down”

Donald Trump

United States President Donald Trump questioned how Joe Biden would fare in MMA, saying “one gentle little touch to the face and he’s down.”

Trump and Biden are hot on the campaign trail for the upcoming United States presidential election and both men never hesitate to trade shots with each other. Most of the shots these two men in their 70s trade are of the verbal variety but during a stop in Bullhead City, Arizona, Trump took it a step further, questioning how Biden would fare in an MMA fight. Here’s what Trump said to a group of his supporters on Wednesday.

“With Sleepy Joe, I don’t think Sleepy Joe would be a good fighter, do you? I asked Dana (White) before. One gentle little touch to the face and he’s down. He’s down and he wouldn’t get up very quickly either, would he?” Donald Trump said.

“Joe Biden’s out there saying, ‘I’d like to take him to the back of the barn.’ Ok. Now if I ever said that to him, they’d say, ‘He practices violence. The president practices violence.’ Remember he said, ‘I would take him to the back.’ It’s like, if you have to fight someone, that’s your dream fight.”

With Trump having a close relationship with UFC president Dana White, it’s not surprising to hear the President make an analogy to fighting during his speech. Trump is known to be a huge supporter of combat sports in general but particularly of the UFC, where he has a tremendous friendship with White as well as the admiration Colby Covington.

Of course, hearing the 74-year-old Trump talking about a fight against 77-year-old Biden borders on the ridiculous, but that’s pretty much what 2020 — a ridiculous year in every regard — has become at this point. On November 3, we will finally get an end to the Trump vs. Biden rivalry, only it won’t be settled in the Octagon, but rather at the polls.

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