Daniel Cormier and Lauren Murphy share different stances on Saturday’s coaching controversy

By Adam Martin - October 17, 2021

UFC legend Daniel Cormier and current women’s flyweight fighter Lauren Murphy shared different stances on Saturday’s coaching controversy.

Daniel Cormier

Aspen Ladd’s coach Jim West came under scrutiny when he was seen yelling at Ladd in-between the rounds in her main event women’s featherweight fight against Norma Dumont. The coaching tactics have under fire and there appear to be different people in the fight game on different viewpoints about what happened.

After West apologized for his comments, Cormier reacted to the news that he had said sorry for his comments towards Ladd, and then Murphy also chimed in with her take.

Cormier: This is what I am talking about right here, now a coach has to apologize for how he talks to his athlete? I disagree!I’ve heard much worse from my coaches and the coach knows how his athlete will respond. I prefer this to some of the other cornering we’ve seen lately. #oldschool


Last week on DWCS, between rounds, a girls coach said, “where’s your head at?” She said “I’m frustrated” him: “why?” Her: “I don’t know”. He gave her some water &then coached her. I thought that was great two way communication in the corner. Might be a better way than the norm


Theres not a lot of time to recover, listen, talk, & drink water, but if a coach is screaming at his fighter to do something & she’s not doing it, or not following the game plan, theres probably a reason he doesnt know. Its worth knowing that reason so they can coach around it.


Either way, no one cares what style of cornering *you* like, because its not about you! No one is even talking about this, but, did y’all know Norma DuMont fought last night? She basically won a UFC main event using a jab cross. Against a REALLY good fighter in Aspen Ladd. Lol

Who do you side with more on this coaching controversy, Daniel Cormier or Lauren Murphy?

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