Dana White weighs in on the Conor McGregor – Machine Gun Kelly altercation at VMA’s: “Misunderstanding or whatever it was”

Dana White, UFC 251, Conor McGregor, Jorge Masvidal
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Dana White weighed in on the Conor McGregor – Machine Gun Kelly altercation at VMA’s, calling it a “misunderstanding or whatever it was.”

McGregor and MGK got into an incident at the MTV VMAs this past weekend in New York. The incident involved McGregor throwing his drink at MGK and the two then jawed back-and-forth with each other before being separated. According to reports, the incident took place because McGregor had exchanged some DMs with MGK’s partner, Megan Fox. It was so highly publicized that the sportsbooks are now even offering odds up for a potential “celebrity boxing” match between McGregor and MGK following the heated incident.

Speaking to reporters followers this week’s edition of the Contender Series, White gave his thoughts on the McGregor vs. MGK incident. According to the UFC president, it was a misunderstanding between the two parties, and both sides are good now. But, according to White, it’s just another example of what he has to deal with as the head of the UFC when he has 700 fighters under contract.

“Yeah, I think it was just — I talked to both actually, they’re all good now — it was a misunderstanding or whatever it is. I think TMZ grabbed Conor today and Conor told them that there’s no problem with them (MGK and Fox),” Dana White said.

“Guys, this is the fight business. I’ve got 700 f*cking lunatics under contract here. What do you guys think is going to happen? These are the things that are going to happen. We’re in a crazy business here. This isn’t Microsoft. This is a crazy business,” continued White. “I think we all know Conor’s personality. We’ve got some guys that are like that. These guys are fighters. This is the fight business, and crazy sh*t happens in the fight business. There’s all the sh*t that you guys know about because it happens in public. Never mind the sh*t that you don’t know about that happens every day.”

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