Dana White provides positive update on contract negotiations with UFC heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou

UFC President Dana White

Dana White has provided a positive update on his current contract negotiations with UFC heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou.

Ngannou will be competing in the final fight of his current contract January 22nd at the Octagon in Anaheim for UFC 270 where he goes up against Ciryl Gane.

Francis Ngannou’s agent, Marquel Martin of CAA (Creative Artis Agency) has been very vocal about concerns that Ngannou is underappreciated by the UFC. Ngannou too has been voicing his displeasure with the current unresolved contract situation.

Dana White in a recent appearance on ‘The Fight with Teddy Atlas‘ addressed the subject of the current status of the promotions contract negotiations with Ngannou:

“Francis and I bumped into each other the other night at dinner. We had a good talk. And he’s not out of contract if he wins that fight (vs. Gane). I think he’s got one more fight with us after that… I think that Francis and I had a good conversation.”

Dana White continued, perhaps taking aim at Marquel Martin directly:

“I think Francis has been misguided, too, by some people that aren’t very bright. That doesn’t help either; when you’ve got some people behind you that have no f*cking clue what they’re talking about. It doesn’t help the situation.”

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“Listen, I say it all the time, man, this sport’s fun for me, I love doing this,” Dana White said. “Contrary to the narrative out there, we’ve made a lot of people very wealthy. If you don’t wanna be here, if this is not where you wanna be, well that’s not fun for you and it’s definitely not fun for me, either. These are all grown men and women, and everyone has to make their own decisions in life.”

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While Ngannou’s priority surely must be the upcoming fight with Gane, there is no doubt that the outcome could affect his future in the UFC.

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