Dana White compares Jorge Masvidal to the Diaz brothers: “If you want to fight, call us”

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Dana White says Jorge Masvidal is very similar to the Diaz brothers in terms of negotiating fights.

For years, the UFC has had a hard time getting both Nick and Nate Diaz into the Octagon. The two have wanted more money and at one point, White said he was having someone else in the UFC deal with the Diaz brothers as he couldn’t bare the frustration anymore. The two have gone years in between fights and now the UFC boss says it is getting very similar with Jorge Masvidal.

“It’s not a surprise, this is what we do. I mean we have been doing this for 20 years. People who want to fight, get fights, and people who don’t, don’t. And, [Gilbert Burns], is the number one ranked guy in the world. Number one vs. the champion,” White said at the pre-fight press conference. “This kid wants to stay busy. These kids who go on runs like Burns is on and want to keep fighting and stay active, they’re healthy, it’s the smartest thing they could do. It doesn’t surprise me that Masvidal, Masvidal is very much like the Diaz brothers. He beats to the sound of his own drum and when he wants to do something, he does it. It’s not very surprising.”

For Dana White, he has a simple message for Jorge Masvidal. If you want to fight, you can call us, if not, you don’t have to fight.

“Listen, I’m putting on fights every weekend for the next 10 years. If you want to fight, call us. We will offer you fights and if you don’t want to take them, you don’t have to,” he explained. “It’s always been that way. Everyone is acting like this is some new f*****g drama that just popped up and has never happened in the history of the sport. This happens all the time, non-stop.”

When and who Jorge Masvidal will fight next is to be seen. “Gamebred” has had a recent feud with the UFC and thanked his fans for supporting him. He says he needs questions answered about the Las Vegas-based promotions business and why fighters only get 18 percent of the revenue before he fights again.

So, for now, White and the UFC will keep on putting on fights with or without Jorge Masvidal.

What do you make of Dana White comparing Jorge Masvidal to the Diaz brothers?

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