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Dana White comments on the arrest of former UFC champion Cain Velasquez

UFC President, Dana White has weighed in on the arrest of former UFC champion, Cain Velasquez.

Cain Velasquez, 39, retired from the UFC back in 2019 after suffering a KO loss to Francis Ngannou. The former UFC heavyweight champion boasts 12 wins by knockout, two by decision and two title defences.

Cain was arrested on attempted murder charges on Monday, February 28th and is being held without bail. Cain is set to appear in court again on Monday March 7th.

Cain Velasquez
Image: @ufc on Instagram

Yesterday, ‘ESPN’ confirmed Velasquez faces a total of ten charges related to the indecent. The most serious of the charges, attempted murder, could see him facing 20+ years of incarceration if found guilty.

As more facts of the incident are coming to light, it is believed Velasquez was taking the law into his own hands by following a vehicle in a high speed chase through San Jose. One of the occupants of the vehicle he was chasing was Goularte, a man recently accused of molesting a close relative of his (a minor – who’s name is protected by law). It is said Velasquez rammed the vehicle and then fired multiple shots into the truck, striking Goulartes’ 63 year old stepfather, Paul Bender. Bender, suffering two bullet wounds, is expected to survive the shooting according to court documents.

The Santa Clara County District Attorney, Jeff Rosen had this to say about the arrest:

“The sad tragedy is that Mr. Velasquez chose to take the law into his own hands, endangering the public and everyone in the truck. This act of violence also causes more pain and suffering to his family.”

During an interview with ‘Barstool Sports’ White was asked about his thoughts on Cain Velasquezs’ recent charge of attempted murder.

“I obviously feel sorry for him and his family,” White said (h/t MMAJunkie). “It’s a horrible thing. I don’t know enough details to speak on it, but from what I’ve heard – we all say we’d do it if it ever happened to us. Cain did it.”

Several pro-fighters and fans alike have shared their support for Cain. Dana White now too has offered his two cents worth.

Do you support what Cain did? Given the same situation, what would you do? Share your thoughts in the comment section PENN Nation!

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