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Coach reveals what he was screaming at Khamzat Chimaev between rounds at UFC 273

Khamzat Chimaev’s coach, Andreas Michael has revealed what he screamed at the Swede between rounds at UFC 273.

It was at UFC 273, last Saturday April 9th, where Khamzat Chimev (11-0 MMA) defeated Gilbert Burns (20-5 MMA) in their welterweight bout.

At one point in the fight, during the second round, Burns almost dropped Chimaev, and coach Andreas Michael was seen frantically shouting at ‘Borz’, urging him to follow the game plan.  His shouts weren’t in English, so its wasn’t recognizable to the fans or media what Michael was telling Chimaev.

However, following the match-up, Michael took to Instagram with a very lengthy post, to let everyone know what he was shouting at ‘Borz’:

“People ask me what I told Khamzat Chimaev at the end of round 2 this is what I told him ‘stop brawling stop having a street fight use your straight punches and keep it Easy, this is an Easy fight if you don’t brawl all you have to do is keep him on your jab and have patience. Don’t make it harder than it has to be.’

Nothing else was needed just fast jab and sometimes a straight right keeping your distance reach, to not get hit with the hooks. That’s what I demanded from him. I told him to stop giving everyone a show and just keep it boring and simple. To not force anything just be fast and light on his feet. This was the game plan all along. Easier than Wrestling and Easier than Grappling. In flashes we saw that.”

Speaking about Burns, Michael continued:

“Gilbert with all respect is a tough gritty Brave warrior. All the love and respect to him. These guys gave a show to the public. But as a coach i dont Care about the public i Care about the easiest way to the WIN with the minimum damage. Thats My number One job to protect the fighter.”

Continuing, he spoke about winning in the UFC:

“Everyone talks about the hype train is over? How many fighters in the Beginning of their carriar not even against top ranked opponents had absolut lack lustered performances in there carriar. Shall i rack Them up? Champions legends list goes on. This means nothing! A famous basketball player tole me Once its hard winning Damn hard! My opinion about this is that Khamzat was 40% last night cause he went in with the mindset that he Wanted to knock him out and show everyone. Who cares about everyone! People only support and love you when your winning, so the only goal is the WIN! But like a warrier he Wanted a WAR.

I was very upset because i believe and know what he can do. You havent even seen that Yet its scary! Learning listening curve.
BLESSED to have the worlds best team home Grown Allstars training center this ones for all of you…

People gonna under estimate us now……….big mistake! Be My guest!”

So there you have it, we now know what the coach said to Khamzat during the fight and we also know where he stands in regards to his fighters abilities. Are you excited to see Khamzat Chimaev’s next performance in the Octagon?

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