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Chael Sonnen blasts Floyd Mayweather for recent altercation with Jake Paul: “Turns out Floyd is a thug”

Former UFC middleweight contender Chael Sonnen has some words for Floyd Mayweather.

Earlier this week, ‘Money’ attended a Miami Heat basketball game. Instead of the NBA game making headlines, it was what happened when the boxing legend was outside the venue. Once outside, Mayweather and his entourage encountered Jake Paul.

‘The Problem Child’ and the undefeated boxer have been on bad terms for a few years now. Especially after the YouTuber ripped off Mayweather’s hat at a 2021 press conference for the latter’s bout against Logan Paul. That bad blood boiled over earlier this week in Miami.

In videos that were released by bystanders, Floyd Mayweather and his entourage seemingly attempted to jump Jake Paul. The retired legend was surrounded by his massive entourage, while the YouTuber was alone. In response, Paul fled back inside the venue to safety.

The incident garnered a mixed reception online, and now Chael Sonnen has chimed in. ‘The Bad Guy’ discussed the incident on his YouTube channel, and blasted Mayweather for the incident. Sonnen stated that the retired boxer was a thug for the incident and that attempting to attack the YouTuber was a crime.

Chael Sonnen
Image via @chaelsonnen/ @cbdmd on Instagram

“You come out and this is a crime. This is disgusting and this is cowardly what they did, but it’s a crime. Now you have one of Floyd’s people filmed the crime. That’s your real story. You’ve got to be a special kind of stupid. He films a crime and they intimidate Jake and the one guy says, ‘Hey, y’all. Should we rough him up?’ That right there becomes illegal. Then the guy answers his own question, ‘Yeah, let’s rough him up.’” (h/t MMA Fighting)

He continued, “When you’re a fighter, you do not surround guys. You damn sure don’t surround a kid. When you have a 26-year-old boy who’s done five of these things in your sport, so you know that he worships and cherishes your sport. You know that he must worship and cherish you, and you as an icon and obvious idol of a young guy, you come up and you’re gonna jump him? This is bad.”

“There 100 percent had better be an arrest in this. It is a crime and it comes down to intent. I don’t think the guy was kidding. They think the story was that Jake ran away from them. Floyd’s got some dum-dums on his team. Turns out Floyd is a thug.”

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