Brendan Schaub says fans relate to Nate Diaz being ‘screwed over’ by UFC

Nate Diaz

Brendan Schaub has a theory for one of the reasons why fans gravitate towards Nate Diaz.

Diaz has fight fans excited for a potential showdown with Jorge Masvidal. The Stockton native called out “Gamebred” after defeating Anthony Pettis via unanimous decision. For many, UFC 241 solidified Diaz’s status as a true draw even without his rival Conor McGregor.

Schaub believes that the UFC has mishandled and underestimated Diaz. During a recent edition of his Below The Belt podcast, the former UFC heavyweight explained why he feels fight fans connect with Diaz.

“Obviously a lot of people gravitate towards Nate because he’s so game,” Schaub said. “Similar to ‘Cowboy.’ Everybody loves Donald Cerrone cause it’s not a business to him. He’s a real fighter’s fighter and he’s anytime anywhere. We love that, I get that. But with Nate there’s a different level of love and there’s a different level of fandom. I was trying to think what that is and I think it’s because Nate Diaz is the guy who’s been screwed over, and we all can related to that in some facet.”

When it comes to star power, Schaub thinks Diaz has all the right ingredients to shine bright.

“Whether it’s your boss or you were the guy on the football team who never got the shot, or whatever it is,” Schaub continued. “People relate to that and there’s something where we have compassion when it comes to Nate Diaz. I know I do, I would imagine a lot of fans do. So it’s this mix of people who can relate to that cause they’ve been f*cked over at some point in their life. They never got their dues. And then there’s the hardcores who love that Nate Diaz is down to fight anybody. And then there’s also the people who love Nate because he doesn’t play the entertainment aspect. He’s his true self, love him or hate him. So I think you combine all that and there’s just this love and admiration for Nate Diaz. I think it’s like the perfect kind of stew to make a superstar. And he’s a superstar.”

Do you think fans can relate to Nate Diaz for his past struggles with the UFC?

This article first appeared on BJPENN.COM on 8/26/2019.

This article appeared first on BJPENN.COM