Ben Askren says he will “feel much better” about his loss if Jake Paul defeats Tyron Woodley

Jake Paul, Ben Askren
Image Credit: Triller Fight Club

Ben Askren admitted he was embarrassed he got knocked out by Jake Paul but says he will feel better about it if the YouTuber defeats Tyron Woodley.

In the main event of the Showtime boxing pay-per-view on Sunday in Cleveland, Paul is putting his undefeated record on the line as he takes on Woodley. It’s an intriguing matchup as Paul knocked out Woodley’s friend and training partner in Askren back in April.

Even though he was knocked out by Paul, Ben Askren still doesn’t think the YouTuber-turned-boxer is very good. All he can say for sure is that Paul hits hard and did catch him with a good punch. Yet, he knows Woodley is also a better striker and boxer than what he is.

“I’m still not under the conclusion that [Jake Paul] is a great boxer,” Ben Askren said to TMZ. (h/t BloodyElbow). “He did hit me one time really good, but it wasn’t like he beat me soundly over six rounds. He does hit hard, I guess we’ll give him credit for that. I tell you what, if he’s able to beat Tyron, I will probably feel much better about what happened to me, because I’ll think ‘damn, Tyron’s really good.’ I think that’s probably unlikely, but in that case, that’s probably what I’d think.”

Although Askren says he would feel better about himself if Paul wins, he doubts that happens. He knows how good of a striker and boxer Woodley is and he’s confident the former UFC welterweight champion will get his hand raised. He also sent a simple message to Woodley ahead of his fight with Paul.

“Kick his ass,” Askren said as to what his message to Woodley is.

What do you make of Ben Askren saying he will “feel much better” about his loss if Jake Paul defeats Tyron Woodley?

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