Tyron Woodley reacts to Jake Paul’s team’s ‘unacceptable’ encounter with his mother

PhotoCred: MMA Junkie

Don’t speak to Tyron Woodley’s mother.

During a Thursday press conference ahead of their Sunday boxing match, Woodley and Jake Paul got into a bit of a verbal sparring match — as is commonplace for anything involving the Paul brothers.

However, the most notable back and forth came after the two had their staredown as someone from Paul’s team began instigating things with Woodley’s mother.

“I’m looking, trying to do the faceoff, and I hear him going back and forth with my mom,” Tyron Woodley told media following the incident. “Anytime it’s going back and forth, that’s unacceptable. I don’t care who you are, what nationality you are, that’s unacceptable. So I said, ‘Is you f*cking talking to my mom now?’

“Then I hear Jake say something, ‘Yeah, he’s talking to your mom.’ He don’t know no better. He don’t understand this lifestyle. I’ll shake this whole f*cking room in a way you ain’t never seen. F*ck the UFC sh*t, f*ck the knockout sh*t, I will start f*cking hurting people, and you’ll see orange droppin’, hitting the floor.”

The match for Tyron Woodley will act as his first appearance following his run with the UFC where he went 9-6-1 and won the welterweight title. He last fought in March when suffering a first-round submission loss against Vicente Luque that extended his MMA skid to four in a row.

“What you’re not gonna do is talk to my mother in any type of way,” Woodley said. “I don’t give a f*ck if you’re a whole op, if you killed my friend, I’m never gonna speak on nobody’s mom.”

Despite the altercation, Woodley went on to reassure everyone that he’s still relaxed and was going to perform his best regardless.

“I was already there. I was already in kill mode,” he stated.

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