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Anthony Smith would like to see the UFC make changes to existing weight classes: “I’d love to see no weight cap on heavyweight”

UFC light heavyweight Anthony Smith has given his thoughts on the UFC’s current weight class structure.

For many years now, there’s been a lot of debate regarding weight classes in mixed martial arts. Some believe we should have more, whereas others think the actual limits should be different.

That’s certainly true in the Ultimate Fighting Championship. As we know, the 165-pound division is something that’s been proposed for a long time now.

In the eyes of Anthony Smith, however, there are a few other ideas he’d like to test out – most notably at heavyweight.

We’ve seen some incredible fighters come through the door of the UFC and compete at heavyweight. Despite that, Smith still thinks there’s more that can be done.

“I’d like to see a couple new weight divisions,” Smith said. “I wouldn’t be so stuck on 160/165, but if you were to do like a 165, 175, 185, 195. I’d like to see a couple new weight divisions, but if I had to just pick one I’d love to see no weight cap on heavyweight.”

Smith’s big ideas

“I think there’s a lot of them. I think that we miss out on a lot of athletic, huge, really, really good guys by capping it at 265. Think about this, NFL lineman, there’s a lot of them guys that are 6’8”, 6’9’, 300 lbs., and move well and are super athletic and fast and those guys just can’t make 265 lbs. I think we cut out a pretty big chunk of guys that would be really crazy, large heavyweights.”

Quotes via MMA News

Smith is set to return on May 13 with the plan being for him to take on Johnny Walker at 205 pounds.

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