Ali Abdelaziz calls Tony Ferguson a ‘dumb motherf***er’ for unique training methods

Ali Abdelaziz

MMA manager Ali Abdelaziz trashed UFC lightweight star Tony Ferguson and called him a “dumb motherf**ker” for his unique training methods.

Ferguson is known for his wild training sessions which include, among other things, him kicking steels pipes in an effort to condition his shins. He does a lot of his training on his own, and it’s led to a lot of fans who were worried that he could injure himself which could put his title fight at UFC 249 against UFC lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov in jeopardy. Not to mention Abdelaziz being worried about Nurmagomedov losing his fight because Ferguson injured himself training.

Of course, the coronavirus pandemic might be what ultimately cancels this Nurmagomedov vs. Ferguson fight for the fifth time. At this point, the status of the fight is very much up in the air. UFC president Dana White says it will happen somewhere in the world and Abdelaziz also said he hopes it still happens, but there’s no telling if that will be the case.

Speaking to TMZ Sports, Abdelaziz was asked about the status of the fight, and he said he’s more worried about Ferguson getting himself hurt during training than he is about the coronavirus wiping the fight out instead.

“Listen, this fight will happen. The only thing I’m worried about is this dumb motherf**ker hurting himself f**king around like this, you know what I’m saying? He’s dumb. This motherf**ker needs to stop kicking poles and training with banana peels. He needs to get a real team, reach coaches, to really supervise him. The man trains himself, you understand? Guess what, he’s a great fighter, yeah, he’s an amazing fighter. But he’s a stupid motherf**ker, that what he is. The man tries to do everything to hurt himself,” Ali Abdelaziz said.

The entire MMA community hopes that everyone is able to stay healthy and the coronavirus pandemic is over by the time this fight happens a month from now. But as far as Abdelaziz goes, Ferguson is his own worst enemy.

This article first appeared on on 3/18/2020.

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