Alex Volkanovski arrives home after lengthy stay in Chilean hospital

Alexander Volkanovski, UFC 232
Image: UFC on Instagram

Alex Volkanovski spent the last week in a Chilean hospital after a blood infection took hold on his trip home from Brazil to Australia. The good news is that the top featherweight contender has finally made it home.

He updated on his health in a video posted to his official Instagram account over the weekend.

“We got good news this morning that the infection’s starting to go down now,” Alex Volkanovski said in a video clip. “That’s good because it was pretty nasty before, the infection was pretty bad, cellulitis, bacterial infection. That was my ankle, foot, and leg, it was just very, very swollen and the inflammation was pretty bad, the infection was pretty bad too. But we were worried about it being in the tendons. We got the message this morning that it’s not in any of the tendons, so that’s very, very good so it will be all smooth sailing from now, I think.”

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