Alan Jouban hints at retirement: “I might be riding off into the sunset”

By Adam Martin - February 7, 2021

After being called out by Mike Perry, UFC welterweight contender-turned-analyst Alan Jouban hinted at his retirement.


Jouban was one of the many fighters that Perry called out in a series of social media posts. In response to the tweet, Jouban politely declined Perry’s callout, but not because he isn’t interested in the challenge. Instead, it’s because he might be retiring from MMA. Check out what the welterweight-turned-analyst wrote on his Twitter.

I might be riding off into the sunset my friend. Getting too old for this!

Jouban (17-7) has been in the UFC since 2014 and he’s been a professional MMA fighter dating back to 2011. A late bloomer into the sport, Jouban is now 38 years old. That may surprise you due to his baby-faced looks, but that is his age, and it’s at that age that many MMA fighters retire. After a decade of competing at the highest level of the sport, it looks like “Brahma” may be at the end of the road. That’s not to say he still can’t compete. After all, he has an overall winning record of 8-5 in the Octagon. He also beat Jared Gooden in a tremendous battle last year. The thing is, Jouban has found something that is better for him at this point in his life: analyzing fights.

Jouban has become a natural on television with the UFC on ESPN crew and looks to be someone that will be on the desk long-term. At 38 years old and with a family, it appears that Jouban is making the choice to choose his desk job over walking into the Octagon, and you have to respect that. Perhaps he will take one more final retirement fight before officially hanging them up, but if this is the end, it was a very solid career.

Do you think Alan Jouban should take one last fight before heading off into the sunset?


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