UFC Fight Night 121 Results: Belal Muhammad defeats Tim Means via split-decision

Belal Muhammad

A welterweight scrap between Tim Means and Belal Muhammad took place during tonight’s UFC Fight Night 121 main card in Sydney.

Round one begins and Means uses his reach advantage early landing a right and then a left hand. Belal circles out but Means stays on him. Muhammad misses with a left hook attempt. Means fires off a body kick. Belal replies with a nice left hand. He lands another. Means has his left hand tucked. He is looking to counter here. Means with a nice straight left hand. Belal circles and then comes forward with a right hand that finds a home. Means goes to the body with a push kick. Muhammad responds with a beautiful left hook. Means with a nice right jab. Belal responds with a kick to the thigh. Means is applying pressure now. He lands a nice jab. Belal circles and then comes over the top with a left hand. He lands a right hand now. Means with a hard low kick. Both men connect with straight right hands. Belal with another nice left hook over the top. One minute remains in the opening round. More strikes from both men but nothing significant. Round one comes to an end.

Round two begins and Muhammad fires off a combination. Means moves forward but misses with a big right hand. Belal shoots in for a single leg. Means attempts a guillotine but Belal avoids and winds up in top position. Muhammad allows Means to stand up and then hits him with a left. Now a low kick and a jab from Belal. He definitely has the speed advantage in this fight. Means is trying to find his range. He lands a shot to the body. He follows that up with a kick that trips Muhammad up. Belal regains his footing and then fires off a left. Means with a big low kick. Both men seem happy to stand and trade jabs now. Under one minute remains. Means lands a push kick. Belal responds with a right hand. Belal goes to the body with strikes but eats a jab for his efforts. Round two comes to an end.

Round three begins and Means fires off a hook kick that lands flush. Belal absorbs the blow and then circles out. He leaps in with a right but it misses the mark. Tim lands a nice kick to the body followed by a hard low kick. A push kick now scores for Means. Muhammad is attempting to find his way inside but Means is making it difficult. Belal loses a contact and we have a brief break. We restart and Means shoots in for a takedown but Belal isn’t having it. Means lands a nice 1-2 up the middle. Belal replies with a left hook. Means continues to paw with his jab keeping Belal at bay. Muhammad leaps in with a right hand. It partially connects. He shoots in for a takedown but it is not there. Means shrugs Belal off and lands a low kick. 90-seconds remain. Belal lands a beautiful combination. Means just misses with a spinning high kick. Muhammad catches Tim with a right hand. Means circles and then throws one of his own. Both men land kicks to the body. Belal with a right hand over the top. Means lands a left. He attempts a wheel kick. Belal with a spinning back fist. The horn sounds to end round three.

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