UFC Fight Night Austin Results: Derrick Lewis TKO’s Marcin Tybura (Highlights)

Derrick Lewis

UFC Fight Night Austin Results: Derrick Lewis TKO’s Marcin Tybura

A heavyweight clash between perennial division contenders Derrick Lewis and Marcin Tybura served as the co-main event of tonight’s UFC Fight Night card in Austin, Texas.

Round one begins and Derrick Lewis throws a low kick to start. He shoots in while Tybura is attempting a punch and scores an easy takedown. Lewis moves to half guard. Tybura grabs a hold of a leg and looks to lock in a submission. Lewis is doing a good job of defending. He eventually breaks free and moves to side control. Marcin attempts to scramble but gives up his back. Tybura turns and gets back to his feet. He shrugs Lewis off and Derrick losses his looses his footing. Tybura winds up in full mount. He drops down some punches. Lewis scrambles and is able to get back up to his feet. Lewis with a huge punch that floors Tybura. “The Black Beast” with some ground and pound from top position now. He is working some good shots from the top. Marcin attempts a sweep and he gets it. Tybura in top position now. He is working from half guard. Tybura with some decent punches from the top. Lewis is doing a good job of defending so far. Tybura moves to full mount. Lewis gives up his back. Tybura is looking for a key-lock submission now. The horn sounds to save Lewis.

Round two begins and Tybura lands a low kick to get us started. Derrick is circling along the fence now. Marcin connects with another low kick. He attempts a high kick but Lewis blocks it. Lewis with a big right hand. That appeared to wobble Tybura. Derrick with another flurry. Marcin drops down and shoots in for a takedown. He gets it. Tybura immediately moves to side control. He begins working in some short shots and elbows. Lewis attempts to scramble but gives up his back. Tybura has both hooks in but Lewis is looking to shake him off. Tybura keeps the position and winds up in mount. He lands a couple of heavy shots. Lewis once again opts to give up his back. He just cant shake Tybura. Another scramble but Marcin winds up in full mount. Just over one minute remains in round two. Big elbows now from Tybura. Lewis is in all sorts of trouble. Tybura’s base from top position is just so solid. He’s working some body shots now. Lewis is just trying to survive to see round three. He does just that as the horn sounds to end a dominant round for Marcin Tybura.

Round three begins and Tybura quickly takes the center of the cage. Lewis throws a left hand that misses. Derrick looks tired but still he throws a high kick. Marcin returns fire with one of his own. Tybura with a hard low kick. Lewis eats in and presses forward with a combination. Tybura shoots in and presses Lewis against the cage. He works in some knees to the body of Lewis. Derrick is breathing deeply while pressed up against the cage. Lewis works some shots to the body. Tybura is searching for a takedown. Lewis breaks the hold and lands a right and then another. Tybura goes down and “The Beast” follows him to the floor. Big shots from the top by Lewis. The referee steps in and this one is over!

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