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UFC 211 Results: Jason Knight TKO’s Chas Skelly (Highlights)

UFC 211 Results: Chas Skelly vs. Jason Knight

A featherweight tilt between Chas Skelly and Jason Knight took place during tonight’s UFC 211 televised prelims.

Round one begins and Skelly comes forward with a knee. Knight misses with a right hand but then lands a crisp combination. Skelly circles away but eats a leg kick. He comes forward and crack Knight with a left hand. He pushes forward and is able to score a takedown against the cage. Skelly working from full guard here. He lands some short shots to the body of Knight. Jason looks to setup up a shoulder lock. Chas is able to pull his arm out of trouble but after a scramble Jason is able to take top position. Another scrambles and Skelly is back on top and in full guard. Knight works for a gogoplata submission and uses the attempt to get back up to his feet. Skelly quickly clinches up with Knight and pushes him against the cage. Jason switches the position and lands some knees inside. Knight is able to score a late takedown before the horn sounds to end round one.

Round two begins and Skelly lands a hard low kick to start off the round. Knight press forward and lands a left hand. Jason catches a kick and then drops Skelly with a right. Chas immediately hops back up to his feet but then eats a big combination from Knight. Skelly scores with an uppercut. Jason responds with a left hand. Skelly with another nice uppercut followed by a left. He shoots in for a takedown but it is not there. Knight with a right hand. He is talking to Skelly now. “Let’s get it!” he yells at Chas. Skelly shoots in and attempts a double leg takedown. Knight is able to defend the shot. Skelly still has him pressed against the cage. Knight is working some elbows while pressed up against the fence. Skelly continues to look for the takedown. Knight switches the position and lands a nice elbow from the clinch. He scores a single leg takedown and winds up in side control. Skelly scrambles but is unable to shake him. Knight has a bad cut on his face. Skelly rolls and gets back to his feet. The fighters exchange shots to close out round two.

Round three begins and Skelly lands a left hand to start. Both men connect with hooks. Knight lands an uppercut that drops Skelly. He quickly follows Chas to the floor. Big shots from Jason Knight. He is pounding on Skelly here. The referee has no option but to stop the fight. What a win for Jason Knight!

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