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UFC 211 Results: Chase Sherman KO’s Rashad Coulter (Highlights)

UFC 211 Results: Chase Sherman vs. Rashad Coulter

A heavyweight scrap between Chase Sherman and Rashad Coulter took place during tonight’s UFC 211 prelims in Dallas, Texas.

Round one begins and both fighters exchange low kicks to start. Sherman lands a stiff left jab. He goes upstairs with a high kick but it is partially blocked. Chase replies with a counter right hand and then a low kick. Sherman misses with a wild right. Coulter lands a left hand. Sherman replies with a right hand. He attempts a high kick but Rashad blocks it with ease. Coulter comes forward but eats a combination for his efforts. Sherman looks very comfortable in there. He lands a hard low kick on Rashad. Sherman with a nice left hook and then a solid kick to the body. Rashad pushes forward with a right hand. Sherman circles out and lands a brutal leg kick. Sherman comes forward with a left but Coulter responds with a crisp right hand up the middle. Chase backs off. He circles out and then lands another heavy low kick. Coulter replies with an overhand right. Sherman lands a pair of devastating low kicks. Rashad is badly hurt. He can’t put any pressure on his left leg. Sherman goes high with a kick and then connects with one low. The horn sounds to end round one.


Round two begins and Chase just misses with a front kick. Coulter fires off a right hand. Chase responds with a knee and then a pair of heavy leg kicks. He drops Rashad. Chase is all over him with ground and pound now. Coulter is showing incredible heart and is able to get back up to his feet. Chase still has him pressed against the cage. Rashad is able to break free and then charges forward with punches. Chase responds with another hard low kick. Still, Coulter continues to press forward. He connects with a right hand and then another. Chase is rocked. This is crazy. Rashad can barely stand. Both men connect with big shots. Sherman lands a head kick but Rashad just eats it. Chase with an elbow and then a nice combination. Rashad is rocked. Both men look exhausted now. Rashad is backed up against the cage. Sherman catches him with a hard right elbow and Rashad drops to the floor. This one is all over! What a fight!

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