UFC 210 Results: Daniel Cormier submits Anthony Johnson

By Chris Taylor - April 8, 2017

UFC 210 Results: Daniel Cormier vs. Anthony Johnson

Daniel Cormier

A light heavyweight title fight rematch between champion Daniel Cormier and top contender Anthony Johnson served as the main event of tonight’s UFC 210 fight card in Buffalo, New York.

Round one begins and Johnson lands a front kick to the body to start things off. He fires off a big right hand. DC returns fire with one of his own. Rumble lands a hard leg kick. He pushes Daniel against the cage. Anthony is looking for a double leg takedown. Cormier lands a knee inside and then another. Odd that Rumble would clinch up in the early moments. Anthony gets Daniel down for a second but Cormier gets right back up. Rumble continues to press DC against the fence. Johnson is really searching for the takedown here. Cormier switches the position and pushed Rumble against the fence. Cormier grabs a hold of a front head lock. Anthony is trying to break free but Cormier is all over him. Johnson is fighting back. He throws a high kick in the clinch. Wild. DC gets called for holding the fence and the referee forces them to break. Johnson lands a big head kick. DC seems to be stunned. Johnson rushes in and presses him against the fence. This is just bizarre. Cormier recovers against the cage and the horn sounds to end round one.

Round two begins and DC has a broken nose. He lands a hard kick on the body of Rumble. Johnson goes to the southpaw position. Cormier lands another good kick to the body. Johnson misses with a big right. DC ducks under and shoots in for a takedown. He does not get it but presses Rumble against the fence. Good short shots from Cormier here. He is making Johnson work here. Rumble is able to scramble but then chooses to press Daniel against the fence. He lands a takedown but DC pops right back up. Cormier now shoots in for the takedown and gets it. He immediately moves to the back. This is not good for Anthony. Two minutes remain. Big rights from Cormier. He switches to a rear-naked choke and this one is over.

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