Travis Browne fires back at “ignorant” Derrick Lewis

By bjpenndotcom - February 17, 2017

Ahead of their scheduled ‘UFC Fight Night: Halifax’ scrap Sunday night, heavyweights Derrick Lewis and Travis Browne have continued to increase the amount of trash talk they are doing.

Travis Browne

Lewis lobbed a rather personal shot at Browne ahead of the scrap as he made reference to Browne’s alleged domestic violence incident, which Lewis believes Browne is guilty of. That didn’t sit too well with ‘Haps’ who fired back in an interview with MMAJunkie, saying:

Derrick Lewis

“The one thing I did hear him talk about was very ignorant of him to even mention,” Browne said. “It is what it is. The great thing about this sport is you’re going to be held accountable for your words come fight night. I plan on doing so.”

“You have to come out there and perform; you have to come out there and win,” Browne told MMAjunkie. “It doesn’t matter whether you’re on the poster or not. If you lose then it’s still a loss on your record. If you get caught up in the hype and all that, then you’re doing yourself a disservice. For me, it’s just about going out there and getting the win.

“They’re going to have a harder time promoting him come Sunday, whether they want to push him or not. I heard he’s trying to use me as a stepping stone or something like that. It doesn’t matter. We’re going to get into a fight. That’s all great and fine and dandy, but when it comes to Sunday the octagon door is going to close, and we’re going to be able to duke it out.”

Travis Browne did have some praise for his opponent however, saying:

Travis Browne

“(Winning this fight is) a good start,” Browne said. “(Does it) get me back to where I was? I don’t think it does that, but it’s a good start. … As an athlete, with him being able to come on board and do what he’s done in such a short amount of time you have to be (impressed).”

on 2/17/2017.

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Travis Browne