TJ Dillashaw Re-Ups on $100K Bet With Dominick Cruz

By Tom Taylor - September 30, 2016

In January of this year, TJ Dillashaw attempted to defend the UFC bantamweight title against returning former champion Dominick Cruz. Unfortunately, Dillashaw’s title defense didn’t go the way he planned, as he surrendered a split decision – and the bantamweight crown – to his foe.

TJ Dillashaw

TJ Dillashaw

Given the competitive nature of the bout, many fans called for an immediate rematch between the two talented fighters. Instead of scheduling a do-over, however, the UFC opted to pair Cruz with an old rival in Urijah Faber and Dillashaw with Rafael Assuncao.

Having won these fights, Dillashaw and Cruz now await their next challenges. If Dillashaw has his way, their next challenges will be one another.

To encourage Cruz to accept this fight, the former champion recently put his money where his mouth is, taking to Instagram to challenge Cruz to a $100,000 bet on their potential rematch.

TJ Dillashaw

“Yo what’s up guys, first things first I need to congratulate [Dominick Cruz] for making the comeback he did,” Dillashaw said in the post. “But it’s time to put your money where your mouth is, tired of all the drama no more campaigning or talking shit to get this title fight rematch. I’m willing to bet 100k that I beat you in a rematch, you win I fight for free you lose you match my bet. Time to put up or shut up! I believe I’m the better fighter and just want to prove it. Where you at, don’t be scared homie. this is as real as it gets! You Talking about money fights, look no more here it is! I obviously believe in myself do you?” 

Despite this bold wager, Dillashaw says he still hasn’t heard back from his bantamweight rival. Today, the former champ took to Instagram again to remind Cruz that the offer still stands.

“Still no response to my bet, show your true colors [Dominick Cruz] and run,” Dillashaw said in his latest post. “I know you’re scared.”

While Dillashaw’s efforts to lure Cruz into a title rematch are commendable, it’s beginning to look more and more like the next title shot will go to his former training partner, Cody Garbrandt. Recent rumors have suggested Garbrandt will get his crack at Cruz at UFC 207 this December.

Who do you think deserves the next bantamweight title shot? Sound off, PENN nation!


TJ Dillashaw