Tim Kennedy pulled a gun to USADA employee’s head and nearly blew his brains out

By Russell Ess - August 12, 2016

UFC middleweight Tim Kennedy is a highly trained killing machine, not just in the Octagon but really on the field of battle.

7th Special Forces Group Tim Kennedy

Kennedy is a member of the 7th Special Forces Group and has served in the war in Afghanistan and Iraq.

According to Fight State, Kennedy was recently a commentator for ONNIT Fight Night alongside Ian McCall and Yves Edwards and recalled a crazy story regarding a USADA employee that showed up to his house.

From Fight State:

This was right around the time that Tim was getting credible threats on his life from ISIS, so naturally he would have had his guard up. He was returning home, when he noticed a suspiciously slow car driving down his street, and finally parking in front of his house.

Obviously, being an American badass, Tim immediately rolled up on the guy and held him at gun point, demanding to know who he was.

The guy responded that he was from USADA, and he was only there for Tim’s pee

Anyone thinking about applying to work for USADA?

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Tim Kennedy