Pros react to Robert Whittaker’s TKO victory over Jacare Souza

Robert Whittaker

Robert Whittaker put the UFC middleweight division on notice tonight in Kansas City scoring a second-round TKO victory over perennial division contender Ronadlo “Jacare” Souza.

The win marked Whittaker’s seventh victory in a row and boosted the 26-year-old into immediate title contention.

Here is how the pros reacted to Whittaker’s incredible stoppage victory over Souza:

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Get the full Robert Whittaker vs. Ronadlo ‘Jacare” Souza fight recap below:

Round one begins and Whittaker comes forward with a left that misses. Souza tries to pressure him back towards the fence but Robert circles off. Jacare shoots for a takedown but it is not there. Souza with a front kick to the body. Whittaker lands a left hand. He leaps forward with another but misses the mark. Jacare shoots in and presses Whittaker against the cage. He lands a knee and then drops down for a takedown. He gets it but Whiitaker is able to roll back to his feet. Jacare jumps on the back of Whittaker but Robert is able to shake him off and break free. Wow. That is a huge win for Whittaker to get out of that situation. Rob lands a big punch. He circles out and then comes in with an uppercut that lands. Jacare responds with a right hand and then another. Whittaker misses with a front kick. So does Souza. Whittaker with a leaping left and then a follow up right hand. Good stuff from the Australian here. He lands a crisp left hook. Round one comes to an end.

Round two begins and Whittaker leaps in with a left jab that misses. He goes to the body with a jab that finds a home. Robert with a huge right hand that floors Jacare. He jumps in with some ground and pound and then stands up to look for the knockout finish. A big uppercut from Whittaker. He lands a head kick. Jacare is in all sorts of trouble here. Another good left hand. Another good combination from Whittaker. He has all the momentum here. Whittaker leaps in with another left hand. Jacare circles out. He looks very tentative now. A hufe head kick lands for Whittaker. He floors Jacare again. He follows up with ground and pound and this one is over.

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