Renato Moicano was not impressed with Nate Jennerman crying on the very first episode of TUF 31: “He ain’t about the life”

By Harry Kettle - June 2, 2023

UFC fighter Renato Moicano has ripped into Nate Jennerman for crying on the first episode of the new Ultimate Fighter season.

The 31st season of The Ultimate Fighter is upon us as Conor McGregor and Michael Chandler battle it out as head coaches. Conor will be leading a group of prospects, whereas Chandler will be coaching the veterans. On the first episode, Roosevelt Roberts kicked off proceedings by knocking out Nate Jennerman in just 10 seconds.


Many of us have been watching closely, including Renato Moicano. We all know that he’s never been one to hold his tongue when he has something to say, which is why he’s such a notable figure.

So, when Jennerman was seen to be crying when discussing his family, you can imagine Moicano had a few thoughts.

“The guy is crying on the f***ing first episode, f*** you my friend. This guy gonna lose. One day without the family and the guy already crying? He ain’t about the life my friend. First f***ing day you crying? On show, on TV? Look, his dog only had three legs, bro.”

Moicano doesn’t hold back

There are two ways of looking at this. On the one hand, mixed martial arts is an incredibly tough sport to break into, and you need a strong stomach if you’re going to make it to the top. On the other, it’s not a sign of weakness to be vulnerable. Jennerman was clearly missing his family and couldn’t help but showcase that for the world to see, for better or worse.

Moicano doesn’t seem to think the youngster is cut out for this game, but it’ll be interesting to see if and how he bounces back.

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