VIDEO | Randy Couture rips on New Jersey State Athletic Control Board deputy commissioner

UFC Hall of Fame legend Randy Couture is a part of the Association of Boxing Commissions (ABC) MMA rules and regulations committee and was present at the conference on Tuesday that addressed new rule changes to the sport of mixed martial arts.

Following New Jersey State Athletic Control Board deputy commissioner Rhonda Uttley-Herring speech about fighters not wanting regulation, Couture felt that he needed to say something about Uttley-Herring’s “misinformed presentation.”

“You include us all in the same pool and I’m spending my time and energy over the last 17 years and frankly found the presentation to be a bit condescending,” Couture said over the microphone to Uttley-Herring at the conference (transcribed by MMA Fighting). “Just my opinion.”

Uttley-Herring stated in her presentation before Couture spoke at the podium, “And one thing I can say about that is thank God for commissions. Because many fighters would rather they didn’t have a commission, would rather we didn’t have rules and regulations, would rather that we didn’t put them on suspension. Some fighters would rather be able to fight with bullets in their brains, with early CTE symptoms. And again, thank God for commissions.”

Couture added more to address Uttley-Herring and her beliefs.

“Your presentation was misinformed,” said Couture. “If you were paying attention to the demonstration, we are not advocating creating positions or situations where fighters get kicked or kneed or punched in the head any more than they are. We’re, in fact, trying to clarify those rules and make it so that they don’t get punched in the head and they can’t play the gray line. As a fighter, I understand how they operate. They’re playing the gray line and they’re getting hit more now with the interpretation and the way the rules stand now.”

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