Tim Kennedy: Don’t buy my Fight Kit, I make pennies

By bjpenndotcom - October 29, 2015

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On the most recent episode of the popular MMA podcast ‘The Brutally Honest Show,’ the guys spent some time speaking with American hero Tim kennedy

To kick off Kennedy’s appearance on the show, he discussed his role in the upcoming zombie movie, ‘Range 15’ which also features several other high-profile MMA fighters.

“I can’t give away some of the things, but we had and have the most marquee names, like current day and historical hierarch, of the MMA community that were a part of this movie. The movie is somewhere between The Hangover, Zombieland and Team America. It’s horrible, it’s brutal, it’s inappropriate, it’s violent, it’s offensive. Everyone who watches this movie is going to get offended about something.”

Kennedy, a US Special Forces veteran with several deployments under his belt, takes pride in protecting his first amendment right because as he sees it, he bled for it.

“Few people grasp that. Not only do I push the limits, exercising my personal constitutional rights, like I bled for them, I got blown up for them, I got shot for them, I got stabbed for them, like I don’t even know how many tours in combat around the world. So you know, I definitely take pride in pushing the envelope in what I think is allowed constitutionally, but I absolutely love it when other people push theirs.”

“I love it when someone is saying something the makes my blood boil. I get so pissed off but on the inside I’m like ‘thank God that they can say that’ because that’s what it’s all about.”

Kennedy hasn’t fought since his controversial 3rd round TKO loss to Yoel Romero last year, and has spent his time away from the Octagon speaking his mind in regards to the UFC’s Reebok deal. In his indefinite leave of absence, Kennedy has stated several times that in order for him to step into the Octagon again, the circumstances would have to be right.

“I’d come back for Fedor, I’d fight Fedor for sure. I’d fight him tomorrow! I still train 2-3 times a day when I’m not shooting or hunting, or making a movie. Even when I am making a movie, I’m not sure if you know about film schedule, but you work 12 hour days and I’m still getting 2 workouts in a day.”

“So it doesn’t change my level of readiness; If they said ‘hey could you fight Fedor tomorrow?’ I’d be like ‘Hell yeah!’ If they were like ‘Could you fight Fedor on New Year’s Eve?’ You’re going to see a ripped 220 pound prizefighter that’s going to tear Fedor apart.”

Given how outspoken Kennedy has been, co-host Jonathan King asked Kennedy if he got excited when he saw the UFC cutting numerous amounts of fighters in hopes that he was one of them.

“I could only hope. First of all, nothing I’ve ever said has been out of spite, has been out of anger, has been out of hurt. It’s not like I’m this disgruntled boyfriend that’s looking for an excuse to lash out. I’m not going to sing a country song, or ask Taylor Swift to write one for me. I’m not slashing any tires. It’s just, the God honest truth, and if that pisses them off and they stick me on the shelf for a year then that’s not my fault. So am I hopeful that they cut me? We all know that’s not gonna happen.”

“Are they gonna cut me? Hell no. Do I hope they would? I don’t know.”

One of the many things Kennedy has been outspoken about is the UFC’s new deal with Reebok. Kennedy, like many, says that the deal hurts fighters because they don’t see as much of the money from the profits as they should. Shortly after Kennedy made those comments, Reebok pulled Kennedy’s fight-kit from their online store.

“It was available the first two weeks that the kits were unveiled, and then obviously within about 10 seconds of the announcement being made and them releasing what we’re gonna get paid. I say what I say, and then…thing’s started disappearing.”

“Let’s just say 10,000 people bought my Reebok kit at about $100 a set. That’s how much it is. I would make pennies. So they’re not hurting me by not selling my Reebok kit. It’s an insult honestly, I’m more insulted. So if 100,000 people bought my Reebok kit, it would hurt me so much more knowing how much money I didn’t make off of it, than them not selling any. So I’m super happy that it’s not there.”

Given that, Kennedy prefers that his fans don’t bother purchasing his fight kit to support him.

“We don’t mince words here. I don’t know who you think you’re talking to, this is Tim Kennedy. Please be clear, we’re a black and white world here. You can’t [buy the fight kit] in the first place, but if it did exist, please don’t, because I don’t see any of that money.”

To close off the interview, host Aaron Tru complemented Kennedy on his weigh-in day physique while wearing Vale Tudo shorts, and things got a little weird.

“Have you seen this guy’s thighs? Have you seen him in a pair of vale tudo shorts? Have you seen him with a full mustache in vale tudo shorts when he is cutting weight? A weigh-in day Tim Kennedy versus anyone. I’ll put him versus anyone.” – Aaron Tru

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