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Dillashaw Explains Team Change –– ‘I’m getting paid to train there’

On Tuesday it was revealed that current UFC bantamweight champion and Team Alpha Male fighter TJ Dillashaw would be leaving the team in order to go train in Colorado, as a part of a new team, MP Elevation.

The team will actually be paying Dillashaw to train there, which according to the champ, is a deal no one would pass up. On Tuesday night’s episode of Stud Show Radio, Dillashaw was a special guest and talked about his move and explained his reasoning behind it.

“Now, Elevation Fight Team came to me and they want to pay me some good money to train with them. They’re offering to pay me to train, instead of me paying to train. This sport is growing so much that that’s the way I feel like it should be. We’re professional athletes. I feel like I got treated better in college wrestling. I had a physical therapist on hand at all times, no matter what, when I was in college. And that’s not where MMA is at yet.

“If anybody else was in my situation, they would take the exact same deal. This is a very short-lived career. I have to do what’s best for myself. I have to do what’s best for my career and being on top for as long as possible. I can’t fight forever. I’ve gotta fight and secure my future and decide what I’m gonna do with my life. This is a great opportunity.”

Dillashaw mentioned several times throughout the show that it’s not easy for him to be training at a new gym with a new team and considers TAM to be a family, saying that he wouldn’t trade his time with the team in for the world.

“I wouldn’t trade that in for the world. It’s got me to where I’m at. It’s helped me out. It’s taught me the person I am. I’ve learned so much here. The experience I’ve had here has been unreal. But when something like this comes at you, you can’t turn it down. I really don’t believe so. I believe anybody in my situation would do the same thing. And I believe it’s some of the best training in the world that I’m gonna get.”
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